Volunteers Needed and Most Welcome

Volunteer opportunities abound. We welcome your help on any of our projects or innitiatives. Sign up for one or several committees.

Our next meeting:
Thurs. Sept. 7th,
7 pm.
St. Anselm School
Molinari Room


Research and Action Committee

Research and Action Committee members of the Flood Mitigtion League of Ross Valley attend meetings, research topics, deliver position statements, address questions and suggestions to agencies tasked with reviewing flood mitigtion or planning, and... they report back to membership on developments and issues. They are the eyes, ears and voice of the FLMofRV.

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TAG Program

The TAG Program is the most recent innitiative taken by the FLMofRV. Program volunteers will mark high water marks through the Ross Valley to provide more detailed and accurate data to flood mitigation planners of the County and towns. Link to TAG program description and FAQs.

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Membership & Fund Raising

Membership and fund raising volunteers are responsible for increasing membership and helping to keep revenues growing through sign up of new business and resident membersips. They participate in staffilng public information booths, they go door to door, or network on the telephone or by e-mail. They work closely with board members to make contact with our base—families or businesses who experienced flooding in the Ross Valley Watershed flood plailn. They report to the strategic plannning committee or the board with ideas, suggestions, comments or questions.

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Strategic Planning

This is the coordinating and steerilng committee of the FLMofRV. Members set priorities, schedules and make action plans. They work closely with all other committees to make certain that we are effective, relevant, and timely in our all our actions and pursuits.

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Website Content Author-Researcher, Editor, Production Assistant

The effort to mount and maintain a useful and valuable informational website is a primary goal of the organization. In this way we hope to maintain ties with our membership and public and keep them informed and up to date on flood mitigations and planning. This is a big task and much help is needed to keep our information accurate and timely.

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Do you have a special skill or talent?

Contact our board and let us know. Attend our next meeting to meet us and tell us how you'd like to help.

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