If you have a suggestion for the agenda or would like to see
us look into a topic or issue, please contact any board

Our next meeting:
Thurs. Sept. 7th,
7 pm.
St. Anselm School
Molinari Room


Thursday SEPTEMBER 7, 7:00 PM
St Anselm School, Molinari Room
(next to gymnasium),
40 Belle Avenue, San Anselmo

1) Sign up of new members and introductions.
2) Review of minutes
3) Treasurer's report
4) Membership report
5) Report on Strategic Plan meeting, discussion, prior to adoption of plan
6) Report on SA Flood Committee Creek Walk and subsequent meeting, findings,
recommendations and Town's plan of action for mitigation this year.
7) Tag program developments, dates, and volunteer effort
8) Report on culvert and creek issues in Fairfax—research
9) Participation in Country Fair Day? G. Permar
10) Upcoming Watershed Planning Meeting.
11) Website

This is a big agenda, and we have much to do.
Please plan to arrive on time so that we can accomplish everything we can.


If you would like to have an item or issue included on our next agenda please use the "Contact Us" link on the left to get in touch with a board member.




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